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Thailand can accommodate a range of travel styles. If you’re looking to explore South East Asia but don’t know where to start, Thailand is the clear winner. The country is an incredibly popular destination for first-time travelers. From sacred temples to idyllic beaches and activities such as whitewater rafting or zip-lining, the diverse terrain of Thailand can accommodate to everyone. What’s more, Thailand is very inexpensive; which only adds to the attraction. While a trip to Thailand is a must-do for almost every traveler, even the most seasoned globetrotter will find the kingdom exciting. It is packed with unique, local experiences for you to discover.

Thailand is known the world over as the Land of Smiles, and that doesn’t just refer to the tourists. Fashions and trends come and go, but one thing Thai people always seem to be wearing is a smile – and here, it’ll never go out of fashion. From a cashier at 7-Eleven to the old ladies you’ll meet on the street, smiles are everywhere, and can have a huge impact on your day.

Thailand is world-famous for its mouthwatering cuisine and for good reason. Thai food regularly tops polls for the ‘world’s favorite food’. So just what is it that makes Thai food special? It is the combination in each dish of the four basic flavors – sweet, sour, salty and spicy. Over the centuries, Thai cooking has borrowed freely from the culinary arts of China, India and Malaya, blending these different influences to create something that is truly unique. Thai food has a reputation for being spicy, and for good reason. Make sure to try a real Thai food from a street food stall!

How long should you spend in the country? In most cases, you can enjoy a short visit to Thailand in just 5-10 days. If you’re looking for a more in-depth cultural experience, we suggest spending 10 - 20 days in Thailand. If you have an infinite amount of time, you could easily spend at least six weeks in Thailand and enjoy the country at a gentle pace.