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Best time to visit

Thailand has a warm tropical climate, so you can count on warm to hot weather throughout the year. In the northern regions, December and January can actually get chilly at night, but the rest of the country stays a balmy 30 degrees even in the dead of winter.April and May are the hottest and driest months, so be prepared. March is another unpleasant month, because this is when farmers burn their fields resulting in a choking haze that lingers over some parts of the country until the first rains of the season arrive to clean things up in May.The southern islands have a different monsoon pattern than the north, but typically November through April is the dry season, and May through October is the rainy season. June is one of most pleasant times of year, as the rains bring a welcome relief, but for the ultimate weather plan to visit during late November and December when the temperatures are simply perfect and the skies unbelievably blue.

So when is the best time of year to visit Thailand? It all depends on your priorities. If you expect nothing less than perfect weather, then it might be worth battling the crowds to see Thailand during the tourist high season when the skies are clear and the temperatures are pleasantly warm. However, if you opt for lower hotel rates and smaller crowds, then the low season is probably the best time to visit.It’s significantly cheaper to travel in Thailand during the low season, with prices often half of those you’ll encounter during the busy high season, particularly in tourist-oriented areas.