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Thailand Lifts COVID-19 Border Restrictions In October

29 Sep, 2022

Thailand plans to lift the remaining Covid-19 restrictions, bringing the country’s emergency declaration to a conclusion on 1 October.

The country’s Centre of COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) declared that the nationwide COVID-19 Emergency Decree would expire on 30 September 2022, as the kingdom reclassifies COVID-19 from a “dangerous communicable disease” to a “communicable disease under surveillance”.

The CCSA also stated that overseas tourists entering Thailand would no longer be required to confirm vaccination or ATK test results from 1 October 2022.

Over the past 14 or so months, when the first tourists were welcomed quarantine-free on early post-COVID tourism schemes, the reopening of leisure travel to Thailand has been a winding road. However, preparations are underway for the country to become the last in the region to lift all of its border restrictions connected to the pandemic.

The ruling, which has been in effect since 25 March 2020 and has been extended 19 times, is no longer required as the country reclassifies COVID-19 from “a hazardous communicable disease” to “a communicable disease under surveillance.”

Travellers entering Thailand must present proof of vaccination against COVID-19, either in the form of a certificate proving they were vaccinated at least 14 days before departure or the results of a negative COVID-19 antigen (ART) or PCR test, issued no more than 72 hours before departure.

This marks the end of one of the more demanding phases of Thailand’s border restrictions during the last two years, which had a significant impact on tourism and required some travellers to fill out lengthy online applications and bring a variety of additional papers with them on their trip.

Further, as of 1 October, COVID-19-positive individuals in Thailand who show no symptoms or have minor symptoms will no longer be required to self-isolate. Instead, they will be urged only to wear a mask and exercise social distancing.

This will alleviate many travellers’ anxiety about testing positive after arriving in the country and being forced to isolate themselves in their hotels.

Since reopening to visitors in July 2021 under the Phuket Sandbox and Samui Plus programmes, Thailand has made great strides.

Since the limits were relaxed, one million tourists visited Thailand in the first three weeks of September. This is about half as many people as visited before the pandemic.

Additionally, the CCSA of Thailand approved a request to extend visa exemptions for travellers beginning on 1 October to increase tourism this next winter season.

The Thai government has announced that beginning 1 October, COVID-19 would be classified as an endemic disease. This decision is intended to aid the country’s economic recovery, which is highly dependent on tourism.

With this new development, travellers visiting Thailand holding one of the 64 nationalities that enjoy visa-free entry will now be permitted to remain for 45 days instead of the previous 30 days.

This might entice some people to “work from Thailand” or remain for an extended time during the country’s best climate season.



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