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Taxi Fares To Rise In Greater Bangkok

10 Nov, 2022

The Transport Ministry and taxi drivers have agreed on new fare rates for Bangkok and its vicinity that will see passengers paying about 7% more for a ride.

It will be the first fare hike in eight years and is expected to be approved by the transport minister before the end of the month.

Wirat Pimpanit, an adviser to the minister, said on Thursday that taxi drivers' representatives had agreed to a new fare schedule proposed after a study by the Thailand Development and Research Institute.

The flagfall for ordinary taxis would remain at 35 baht, but rise to 40 baht for large cabs, for the first kilometre.



Fares would increase for all taxies from the current 5.50 baht per kilometre to 6.50 baht for the next 1-10km. The next 10-20km would be 7 baht/km; 20-40km, 8 baht; 40-60km, 8.50 baht; 60-80km, 9 baht; and for distances beyond 80km, 10.50 baht per kilometre.

The waiting time metre charge for traffic jams would rise from two to three baht per minute.

The changes would cost passengers 7.34% more on average. The last increase was eight years ago. 

Mr Wirat said the new fares would be applied only to taxis operating in Bangkok and its vicinity.

Large taxis are mainly converted sport utility vehicles and normally operate at Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports.

Jirut Wisanjit, the director-general of the Land Transport Department, said the agency would work on the fine details and then forward the fare rate to Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob for approval. 

The entire process would take about two weeks The new fare structure would be announced as a ministry regulation.

Mr Jirut said the new fares had been calculated to reflect core inflation in Greater Bangkok.

The country's core inflation, which excludes oil and raw food prices, was 3.17% in October, according to the Commerce Ministry. The ministry did not release a breakdown of inflation statistics for the provinces.



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