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Suvarnabhumi To Introduce Faster, More Efficient Check-ins From Sept 1

27 Aug, 2022

In an announcement on Saturday, the airport said PVS will make the screening of passengers more efficient and boost the airport’s security level to meet international standards.

The system has been installed in:

• Eight counters in rows C-D for outgoing Thai passport holders.

• Two counters in Zone 2 rows J-K for outgoing foreign passport holders.

• Two check-in counters in rows L-M

• Three counters in Zone 3 rows S-T for foreign passport holders.

To use the PVS, passengers must place their boarding pass or e-boarding pass on the reader, and the system will automatically check their travel information.

“The PVS will ensure that passenger screening process is fast and accurate, and will prevent unauthorised persons from entering restricted or flight-controlled areas,” the airport said. “This system will also prevent the reuse of boarding passes that have already been scanned.”

Officials will be deployed at counters to provide instructions and assistance to passengers.

For more information, contact call centre 1722 






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