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Scenic Sea Of Fog Seen From Khao Takian Ngo

10 Oct, 2019

Phetchabun – A sea of fog is a phenomenon which can be observed at the end of the rainy season and the beginning of winter. Scenic sunrises over the sea of fog can now be viewed from observation points on Khao Takian Ngo in Phetchabun and Khao Pok Loan in Phitsanulok, reported to be the best example of natural beauty this year.

On Khao Pok Loan, tourists are impressed by the 360 degree view of the dense morning fog, cloaking a valley over Nakhon Chum village at sunrise. The valley shape makes it appear that the fog is flowing. The temperature at this time in the morning has dropped to 15 degrees Celsius. The sea of fog at Khao Pok Loan can be seen until the end of winter.

At Rong Khao Haeng Nakhon Chum valley, tourists have started to arrive to see the fog and enjoy the cool breeze. In Nakhon Chum subdistrict, a wooden bridge is being built as a new tourism landmark. This eucalyptus bridge is being built on the farmland of Somporn Wirampan, with support from the sub-district administration organization and villagers.

This shot was taken from Khao Takian Ngo peak in Phetchabun. The area was crowded with tourists erecting tents to stay overnight to witness the sunrise, while some chose to drive up early to see the spectacle. This mountain peak provides a 360 degree view over Khao Pu and Khao Ya mountains protruding through the sea of fog, and Khao Kho in the direction of Thung Salaeng Lang field. The morning temperature here is now 18 degrees Celsius. The observation point on Khao Takian Ngo is considered one of the best for viewing the most beautiful sea of fog in Thailand. It is located on Highway No. 2258, Ban Son Suay village, Nong Mae Na subdistrict, Khao Kho district, Phetchabun. It is accessible by private cars.


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