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Pattaya Mayor Takes Command Of Firefighting Efforts At Blazing Floating Market

08 Sep, 2023

Pattaya, Thailand – As the devastating fire continues to rage at the 4 Regions Floating Market in Pattaya, Mayor Poramet Ngamphichet rushed to the scene of the disaster to oversee the firefighting efforts.
The fire remains uncontained, presenting a formidable challenge to the responding teams. The structural composition of the 4 Regions Floating Market, primarily constructed of wood, adds to the difficulty of containing the blaze. While the exact number of injuries is yet to be confirmed, reports suggest there are several minor casualties.

The cause of this destructive fire remains a mystery. Mayor Poramet Ngamphichet and officials from the Banglamung District are on-site to coordinate firefighting efforts, with their primary objective being the swift containment of the inferno and the minimization of further damage.
Concerted efforts to bring the fire under control are underway, and we will provide updates as additional information is forthcoming.


Nearby communities shuddered with fear, as the volcanic like burst of flames threatened their homes.



The Pattaya Mail


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