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Pattaya Walking Street Overrun With Bothersome Immigrant Flower Sellers

22 Jun, 2023

Residents of the South Pattaya area, particularly Walking Street, have expressed their concerns regarding a group of immigrant women, who are causing disruption and annoyance to foreign tourists.

On June 21, complaints were made to the media regarding these women who are often spotted carrying children and wandering around popular tourist spots and entertainment venues, aggressively selling various items such as candy and flowers.

Residents claim that the foreign women form organized gangs with the purpose of intentionally creating disturbances to pressure foreign tourists into purchasing their products. Employing aggressive tactics, they aim to provoke and annoy tourists, hoping to coerce them into buying their candy and flowers.

Concerned local residents say that despite previous warnings and arrests, these women continue their sales activities, indicating a possible underlying organization behind their behavior. They appealed to the authorities saying, “We strongly request the authorities to address and resolve this problem urgently. This behavior causes disturbances and frustration among tourists and also has a detrimental impact on our image as a world class resort.”


The Pattaya Mail

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