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Pattaya Walking Street Cables Go Underground, Old Rotten Cables Removed

13 Jun, 2023

Deputy Mayor Manot Nongyai, accompanied by officials from the Provincial Electricity Authority and the National Telecommunications Company, visited Walking Street in South Pattaya to oversee the dismantling of unused communication cables on June 12.

The underground cable installation, part of a government plan to improve designated routes, including Walking Street, has been completed successfully. All communication cables were cut, and in July, the electricity poles will be removed to create an overhead wire-free, pedestrian-friendly environment.

The telecommunications company aims to complete the cable removal within 8 days, followed by the Provincial Electricity Authority removing the electricity poles. Walking Street is expected to be transformed into an organized road within approximately two months, aligning with Pattaya City’s vision of becoming a world-class tourist destination.


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