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About 40 Elephants Sighted Near Resort In Nakhon Nayok Looking For Food

19 Apr, 2023

A herd of about 40 elephants, including several calves, were spotted yesterday (Tuesday) heading for a resort in Mueang district of Nakhon Nayok province from Khao Yai National Park to forage for food.

Park officials were dispatched to the resort in advance of the arrival of the herd, after they detected signals from GPS devices which were attached to the collars of some of the elephants, namely Sarika, Bit and Nathee.

Officials are familiar with Sarika, Nathee and Bit which, they said, periodically venture out of the national park to search for food near the resort in Sarika sub-district.

One of the park officials noted that more elephants have ventured out of the national park to forage for food near human settlements this year than in previous years, probably because of their increased population and the lack of food available in the park area.

The officials have, however, successfully pushed the herd back into the park and saved the cash crops of villagers in the area.



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