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90 Days Immigration Report Now Needs Update Form

26 Oct, 2023

PATTAYA, Thailand – Expats who are reporting their 90 days stay in Thailand with a receipt and a barcode in their passports are now being asked to submit a new TM47 form (that’s the traditional application form for the 90 days). This appears to be a new rule at Chonburi immigration bureau with the intent of “refreshing” the 90 days data base. There have been recent instances of expats moving address and not informing immigration authorities. Apart from filling in a new TM47 form, expats should submit their passport with a copy of the ID and visa page and evidence of their address (lease or yellow book or recent TM30 receipt etc). A new receipt will be given to them to place in their passport.

Separately, expats are again reminded they should not ignore the separate bureaucracy of the TM30 form which confirms local address after returning to Thailand from abroad by land or sea. Expats will need to show an updated TM30 receipt (i.e. issued since the last entry to Thailand) for some immigration services, for example certificates of residence to open bank accounts or renew driving licences or extending some visas). There have been recent instances of fines imposed on foreigners who have an out-of-date TM30 receipt or even none at all.



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