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Thailand’s Official Population At December 31st 2022 Was 66,090,475

06 Jan, 2023

Thailand’s population, as of December 31st, 2022, was 66,090,475, according to the latest census data provided by the Central Domicile Registration Office.

The population was made up of 65,106,481 Thai nationals and 983,994 who are yet to receive Thai citizenship.

Of the Thai nationals, there were 31,755,032 males and 33,351,449 females.

Of the 983,994 who were yet to receive Thai citizenship, there were 515,583 males and 468,411 females.

The population of Bangkok was 5,494,936.

Thailand’s official population the previous year was 66,171,439, consisting of 65,197,783 Thai nationals and 973,656 non-Thais.



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