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Seahorse Ferry - Sattahip To Koh Samui Ferry

20 Jun, 2023

A division of Namyong Terminal Public Company Limited is The Seahorse Ferry Company Limited. has knowledge of the Ro-Ro port management industry.
The Seahorse Ferry Company Limited was founded to create and offer RO-RO Passenger (RoPax) services between the Eastern and Southern coastlines as well as freight passenger services



  • Using a Roll on, Roll off, or passenger vessel to carry automobiles, trucks, and people is more cost-effective, safe and relaxing.
  • The promotion of the once-weekly sailings between Sattahip and Samui is our aim. The ship leaves Chuksamet Naval Port in Sattahip every Thursday at approximately 5 p.m. It then travels through the night to arrive in Samui at around 8 or 9 a.m. on Friday (obviously, weather conditions have a minor affect on sailing schedules). The ship docks in Samui at "Nathon Pier," which is close to the "Seatrans" Ferry Jetty. The process of securely berthing and lowering the ramp so that cars and people may exit takes roughly 30 minutes. Till Sunday afternoon, the ferry sits at the jetty. The yacht may be rented while alongside (at both ends) for private events or gatherings, and the onboard amenities may be utilized. The ship returns to Sattahip on Sunday at approximately 4 p.m. After setting sail once more through the night, it will arrive on Monday around 7:30 or 8 a.m.
  • The ship has a few hotel-style cabins, 80 Japanese-style sleeping capsules, VIP sitting places (40), which resemble business class seats on airplanes, and roughly 250 economy seating areas. There is a Sky Deck where live music, food, and beverages are served (weather permitting) to around 250 people. a sizable eatery featuring a dining space, a coffee shop, and live music later in the evening. The ship has a capacity of 200 automobiles, or a mix of cars, motorbikes, lorries, buses, trailers, etc.


Facilities on board

  • Passenger Room
  • Seat and Rooms for single passengers or groups






Ticket distribution channels

 The main channel for online booking 
• Line Office : @theseahorseferry Main channels for public relations 
• Facebook : The seahorse ferry 
• website :






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